Smoked Chicken and Sweet Potato Hash French Toast with Raspberries and Chocolate Sauce Poached Eggs with Pesto Apple Chutney Crepe

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Harvest Moon's Signature Breakfast

Breakfast Table with Juice and poached eggs with PestoHere is a sampling of Chef Carl's favorite breakfast offerings:

Lancaster Haystack; A Lancaster County Favorite... Two Poached Eggs on Crostinis topped with a Local Sharp Cheddar Cheese then finished with a Homemade Sausage Gravy.  Our Signature Dish!

Farmers Swiss and Dill Omelet Served with a Smoked Country Ham Steak and Home Fries

Fresh Local Grown Strawberry and Rhubarb French Toast Served with Homemade Chicken and Dried Cranberry Sausage

Swiss Rosti potatoes topped with poached eggs and served with a cracked peppercorn cream sauce finished with a petite pork filet.

Smoked Chicken and Sweet Potato Hash served with a Curried Apple Chutney

Poached eggs served over puff pastry and finished with dill Parmesan cream sauce and served with homemade chicken scrapple.

Buckwheat Pancakes topped with Peaches and Cream And Served with Country Link Sausage

A Sampling of Gluten Free Breakfast Offerings

Gluten Free Breakfast of poached eggs over asparagus and homemade local Lancaster County SausagePoached Eggs in a dill dusted spinach nest then topped with a Roasted Garlic and Garden Tomato sauce

Gluten Free French Toast topped with a Homemade Hazelnut Semi-Freddo and served with a clove-scented Chocolate Ganache

Harvest Moon's Southern Style Gravy and "Biscuits" This Gravy is made with fresh Chicken Breast and scallions then served over  Fried Heirloom Tomatoes