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Summertime is here! And Lancaster County knows how to stay cool during this awesome time of year. Enjoy great events, hiking, tours, farm stands and more. The summer is just not complete without a visit to one of our many ice cream shops, wish homemade in mind! This list below is just a sampling of the many things that will keep you occupied here in Lancaster during the summer months. Lancaster truly is a slice of Americana and New Holland displays proudly all that an old fashioned summer truly is.  


It's that time of year. Mud Sale Season. That's right so get your boots and be ready! The locals like to go and look for the perfect tool, quilt, desk, book, buggy, lamp and just about anything one can sell. This list below is just a small one of the ones I find most enjoyable. Remember, just because it might be a more recognized name, does not mean that it is the best. I like to dig a little deeper and immerse myself into the country-side. Join me in celebrating all that Lancaster County is.


The Lancaster County Country landscape is also populated with plenty of theatres. I was once told from guests that come a couple times a year from NYC that the shows are just as good and a little more economical than those of Broadway. Christmas is not the only time to enjoy a show in Lancaster though, be sure to check out all the shows that are avialable througout the year. You'll soon see that as a destination, Lancaster has plenty to do.