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The Lancaster County Country Side is filled with all kinds of surprises. On any given day, when I drive minutes from the Harvest Moon B&B, there are hidden gems of shops, farms and vistas that are just beautiful. Below is a list of my favorite ones all close to the our Lancaster County B&B. You'll for sure be immersed into PA Dutch Country in ways you could not imagine. 


So along with the Amish and all the Lancaster County Farmland and of course the horse and buggies, Lancaster County has so much more to offer. One of those things would just so happen to be many top quality museums. Below are listed some of my favorites. What's more? Most of these Lancaster County Museums are open on Sunday. So forget the adage that Lancaster has nothing to do on a Sunday... there is so much going on here any day of the week.  


Let's just say that Antiquing in Lancaster really is a special treat.  From one end to the other, Antique Shops are dotted throughout Lancaster County. Although we are in a farming community, the and the antiques resemble the memories of that life style, we are reminded each time we go antiquing, that Lancaster truly holds just as much charm as it once did. Besides antiquing throughout the year, be sure to visit during Antique Extravaganza weekends.


Forget the Mudsales, I'm ready to go planting. Shucks, I know it's too soon, but after reaching 80 plus degrees  yesterday, I sure would love a little color in the pots outside. Event he tulip leaves are starting to pop up! And the crocuses will for sure sprout a bit of purple, white or yellow up real soon. Spring time in Lancaster County is always the best. And the Lancaster County nurseries are prime for the picking. You never want to go to early because you know you will be tempted to purchase the goods far too early.


Can you believe that the holidays are over and we are talking about Valentine's Day all ready? While I'm packing up the last of Christmas till December 2018, I'm reminded how wonderful Valentine's is in Lancaster PA. In recent years, Lancaster County has become the perfect place to find romance. Make for a romantic get away by enjoying these five wonderful things to do while visiting the Lancaster Amish Country Side. 


It's that time of the year when you want that old time feel of cutting down your own Christmas Tree. One of my favorite things to do over the summertime and into the fall is to go and inspect these places to see where I can find the best tree for the Harvest Moon B&B. I usually end up at Sand Hill because it holds the most vaule for me, it's really quite and its on such a beautiful property. This list below will certainly put you in the holiday spirit and most importantly tie together some family time that we all need during this time of year.


Here we go... I find that many of our local restaurants are tops. But when it comes to the best, there are a few that come to mind. Of course, the list is subjective to ones own taste. But these restaurants on this list are sure to be amongst the top that anyone should check out. Lancaster County over the past few years has certainly come into it's own for being known as a foodie haven. We grow the food, butcher the meat, make the cheese, churn the butter, make the cakes... I think you get the point. We are all about food.


Lancaster County is getting all ramped up for the Holidays. And by Holidays I mean from Thanksgiving weekend through the end of the Year. With just a few short weeks away, there is so much to see and do. In planning for your Holiday Vacation, here is a helpful list to find the things that the locals like to go to. These things are small, but filled with all kinds of Holiday Cheer. Be sure to call to find out if rooms at the Harvest Moon B&B are available for your Lancaster County Holiday Get Away.