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Mothers Day 2017


Just in time for Mothers Day Weekend

Want mom to have a little extra during her trip to Lancaster County? This package offers mom a chance to start her gardening for the spring. This package offers mom a chance to do a little digging. Included will be a set of clay pots, a package of gardening tools, gloves and a flat of seasonal plants to bring home to start "gettin' dirty"  Cost of this package... $20. 

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Pizza Making 101

May 20 and June 3, 2017: This Class is a one day event teaching the rules and guidelines of making simple cheeses such as Mozzarella and Ricotta. Don’t be fooled though, although simple, the taste of these two simple and enjoyable cheeses is sure to be a favorite in your house.

Cost is at $50 per person. Class includes

  • Saturday Afternoon Cheese making Demo
  • A fine gift from the Harvest Moon

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The Cheese Basket

Who likes Cheese? If you and your partner enjoy the taste of local, artiisan style cheese, fresh made cheese, this is the package for you. We scour the area and place three different locally made cheeses together for you with accompaniments upon your arrival.

Price is $25 plus room rate.

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The Amish Basket

A Basket for the Pennsylvania Dutch Curious. The Pennsylvania Dutch sure have quite a variety of foods. All are tasty, homecooked and full of comfort. This basket will bring to you the best of the local's efforts to produce locally sourced goods, organic ingredients and wholesome goods. It really is a variety of what makes the food in Lancaster County so tasty.

What's Included:

1. Peanut Butter Shmeir

2. Apple Butter

3. Wilbur Buds

4. Pretzel Making Kit

5. An Amish Cookbook

The price is $30 plus room rate.

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Wine, Dine and Spa Package

This package is for those that wish to take all the guess work out of a great weekend in Lancaster. With a massage, winery visit and dinner for two, your weekend will leave you reserving your next visit. What’s included?

  • Dinner for two at Lily’s on Main
  • Massage for Two here at the Harvest Moon
  • Passes to Twin Brook Winery

Cost: $170.00 Plus Room Rate

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Just Chocolate

We know how important chocolate is for you. We really do. This package puts together the best of Lancaster County Chocolate. You'll receive an array of local chocolates, a gift card for Wilbur's Chocolate and also for Cafe Chocolate of Lititz. Oh, and chocolate milk for breakfast just to top it all off.

Price is $50 plus room rate.

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