Lancaster County Fall Bring the dogs inside and lock the doors for the WOOLY BEAR is starting it's annual onslaught here in Lancaster County near the Harvest Moon Bed & Breakfast. Although, I wouldn't be too alarmed. It's just a little caterpillar. Nothing will harm you. Well, not the Wooly Bear anyway.

But the impeding winter may put a scare in you! They say that the Wooly Bear Caterpillar or Fuzzy Bear, Wooly Worm or even the Hedgehog Caterpillar (all one in the same) can predict the weather.  Is it really the case? Can a caterpillar actually see snow, ice, cold and wind for the darkest days of our winter? What's the real story?

Folklore has a way of positioning the curiosity in all of us. So I won't hesitate to unravel the secrets behind the Wooly Caterpillar. There are a few scenarios that all talk of the winter from direction of which it crosses the road to the color markings on it's back. Let's dive into this crazy tale and see what really happens.

Taken from the NOAA website, here are the stories of the WOOLY BEAR CATERPILLAR:

1. The longer the black bands, the longer the winter, the longer the rust bands, the shorter the winter

2. The fuzzier the caterpillar, the more harsh the winter is

3. If the caterpillar is crossing the street heading to the south, then it is seeking a warmer climate, heading north, the winter will be mild

No matter how you slice it, Lancaster County is full of them right now. The farmers are starting to mingle into the fields picking their crops and the caterpillars are making their move. So, when visiting the Harvest Moon B&B, and we give you your map of the back roads filled with things to do, be careful not to drive over those cute fuzzy little guys, we still haven't figured out what the winter will be yet.

For more information on the Wooly Bear Caterpillar, visit the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration website.



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