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Chef Carl has revamped the gourmet at the Harvest Moon.  We’ve expanded our culinary activities to include lectures, demos, tours and weekend events all with the hope of “edutaining” our guests on the healthy wholesome goodness of Lancaster County.

Anyone can register for cooking classes.  Guests can add any cooking event to their stay when booking online.

The Organic Tour of Lancaster County

August 22: A tour of some of Lancaster’s Great organic finds including dairy and crop farms, cheese makers and shops that sell organic, non GMO goods. This tour includes lunch.

$75 per person

New Holland Summer Fest…

August 28-29: Enjoy the weekend here in new Holland with great bbq and live entertainment as the town prepares for the 16th annual New Holland Summerfest, a delicious smoky weekend.

Moon Meal

September 12: Moon Meal featuring one of Lancaster Counties great Chefs

Lancaster County Harvest Tour

September 26: This tour takes us on a different approach as we discover the goods of the Harvest Season from pumpkins and apples to discovering just why they open the slats on the barns in the fall. It truly is a special time of year. This tour does include lunch. $75 per person

New Holland Farmers Fair

September 30-October 3: You know you wanna’! This is as ole’ fashioned as it gets. A true old time country fair

Ginger Bread House Demo at the Harvest Moon