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It's almost here. The Lancaster Roots and Blues Festival. If you are into music, this is for you. With three days of pure indulgence of what we can call proud American Music, Lancaster City shines! Many of our city venues will host over 70 artists which will be performing 90 concerts over 3 days. Whaaattt? You read right. All you have to do is show up. 



Lancaster County Fall Bring the dogs inside and lock the doors for the WOOLY BEAR is starting it's annual onslaught here in Lancaster County near the Harvest Moon Bed & Breakfast. Although, I wouldn't be too alarmed. It's just a little caterpillar. Nothing will harm you. Well, not the Wooly Bear anyway.


It won't be long now. Lancaster County is the perfect destination for everything fall. We have it all! Orchards where you can pick your own apples and pumpkins, Corn Mazes, Hay Rides, Fire Pits (right here in the back yard), Fall Fairs, Apple Pies and the list can go on.


It looks like the next few weeks in Lancaster County have quite a few events going on. And as I look at the list of things to do, I am reminded that our little neck of the woods is not all the little. The next three weekends have some exciting things happening in New Holland.


Moon Pie or Whoppie Pie? Although they are wonderfully sweet, a tasty treat and come in many varieties, there are many verssions of each. The Whoppie Pie, while cakey and thick, has it's origins in New England and Lancaster County. The Moon-Pie on the other hand gets it's roots from the south. Typically it has a hard cookie type outer dough and is coated with a topping. 


It won't be long and you'll see that a new moon is most certainly rising here in Lancaster County. We have plenty of changes in store for the Harvest Moon B&B. Without giving too much away, keep an eye on our facebook page for an exciting new campaing and a chance to win a night at the Harvest Moon B&B, your top choice for a culinary experience at a B&B in  Lancaster County. #anewmoonrising, #lancasterchef, #lancasterbedbreakfast, #lancasterbnb, #harvestmoonbnb www.harvestmoonbandb.com


Well, maybe I should not make that claim, each of us have our own unique tastes. However this one is pretty darn good. I will begin by telling you that it a recipe dating back to over 100 years ago. I got the cookbook at an antique shop back in April. I knew it was special. I've only tried this recipe so far, (can't seem to stop making, enjoying, eating, staring at, these darn brownies. The recipe is below.





It's almost here; the Fourth of July. Wtih that comes all kinds of great events planned for Lancaster County. From small town events to music and fireworks. There really is something for everyone.

Here is a list of some of the great things that are happening in New Holland and beyond.

July 1, Fourth of July Parade in Lititz PA. This was once called America's Coolest Town. It's just twenty five minutes away.


Ok all you World War 2 Buffs, its that time of year where the folks at the Mid Atlantic Air Museum host their annual WWII weekend. For three days this Reading Airport opens it's doors and hosts all kinds of events from reenactments Personality Impressions to Sky Shows and Swing Dancing. It's all hear on June 3rd through the 5th weekend. This year celebrates their 26th year of hosting this event. Even here in New Holland, we can hear the WW2 planes as they fly over head.