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The History of the Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast is a short one. We just opened this house up as an Inn durring April of 2002, however, the house itself is full of powerful history dating back to the turn of the century. The original owners of the house were the Rancks who finished building the house back in 1909. A house built on the north side of the street on a slope to capture the cool breezes. This is where the well to do built their houses during the turn of the century. With fixtures such as transoms, stained glass windows and period hardware throughout the house, one can see the meticulousness ever so carefully planned.

John and Elizabeth (Sheaffer) Ranck were prominent people in the town of New Holland, PA who held great stature. John owned and farmed the land in the southeastern district of New Holland behind what is now Yoders Market. He eventually sold the land, which New Holland Concrete now uses. When John passed away in 1938, he bequeathed five thousand dollars to the Rancks United Brethren Church for the erection of a new building. His daughter and three nephews were to decide on the plans for the new construction.

Elizabeth Ranck passed away in June of 1946. She was eighty-four years old at the time of her passing. She was a member of the Trinity Lutheran Church here in town and a charter member of the Loyal Workers of Kings Daughters. She passed all on to her daughter Marjorie Ranck.

Marjorie Ranck was born March 1, 1887. She lived here in New Holland for quite some time during the beginning of her life. She was a primary school teacher in the town of Blue Ball during the beginning of the century, (we have a picture of her and her students). Neighbors tell of stories of how the house was used for social events during the first half of the 1900's. Weddings would be held here in the living room and on the grounds.

Marjorie eventually married Mr. I Z. Musselman, one of the brothers of the Musselman's applesauce claim. At that point her niece took over the house. In 1963, when Mr. Musselman passed away, Marjorie moved back into the house and had the addition added on for her. Period fixtures reminiscent to the start of the sixties still adorn the room. Marjorie passed on in 1974 at the age of 85.

The house has had other owners and tenants in its 95 years, however the Rancks hold the most history. Neighbors, pass tenants and so on are still coming by to tell of stories of the Ranck house. Just recently, we had two ladies (sisters) here whose parents rented the house back in the fifties. They can recall running up and down the stairs to see who would be first.

We hope that the grand feel of the House has been recaptured in recent years. Our endeavor to turn it into a premier Pennsylvania lodging facility was surely one that we felt would not interfere with the historic integrity and rich history of the house. We hope you enjoy our endeavors.


Harvest Moon Bed and Breakfast
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